Stalo futbolo stalas Garlando G-500 Evolution
  • Lauajalgpallilaud Garlando G-500 Evolution
The black and silver look of the ITSF tables

This table belongs to the Evolution line, the special series of three football tables which also includes F-200 Evolution and G-2000 Evolution.

It boasts the smart colour combination inspired to the hi-tech glamour, enhanced by the silver logo on the cabinet.

Unlike the ITSF models, G-500 Evolution offers the choice between a rotating or non-rotating goalkeeper, a sanded or glossy glass playing field, as well as the possibility of choosing the telescopic bars to allow children a greater safety.

Leg levellers and ergonomic handles are also included.

G-500 Evolution complies with the harmonized European rules EN on safety.


With with solid bars125cm
Width with telescopic bars110cm
Packing150 x 80 x 34cm
* with leg levellers fully down.
** with leg levellers fully up.

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Lauajalgpallilaud Garlando G-500 Evolution

  • Tootja: Garlando
  • Mudel: Garlando G-500 Evolution
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 811.30€

  • Maksudeta: 665.00€

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