Thorn fit Basic MTR Rull
BASIC roller MTR is designed to break up knotted muscle fibres and decrease muscle tension, giving athletes an additional mobility tool for precisely targeted compression.
This roller is less aggressive than PRO roller MTR and is a great starting point for athletes new to massaging tools and mobility training.
Made from ABS and a rubber foam is sweat-resistant, easy to clean, and will fit in just about any gym bag.

Fields of use

mobility, stretching, rehabilitation

  • material: ABS and a rubber foam
  • weight: 540g
  • length: 33cm
  • diameter: 11,8cm
  • anti-slippery surface
  • durable, dirt resistant and easy to clean
  • safe and hygienic storage
  • color: black
  • constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers
  • designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down

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Thorn fit Basic MTR Rull

  • Tootja: Thorn+Fit
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 13.11€

  • Maksudeta: 10.74€

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