This heavy-duty speed rope is equipped with thick wire and ABEC-7 bearing at the end of the padded handle for less stress on shoulder, wrist, and elbow joints. Steel loose bolt combined with high quality bearing offer very fast and smooth spinning.
Pre-wraped grip provides superb handle traction preventing the handle from slipping out of your grasp. This also results in less forearm and shoulder fatigue.
HD speed rope features steel 4mm cable with PVC coating offering more resistance and feedback than most typical speed ropes provide. Thick and heavy cable was carefully selected to ensure the user can still perform fluid double unders with the highest amount of resistance yet not alter the jumper's technique nor mechanics.
Ideal for beginners to gain a better feel for timing while jumping at slower tempos. Also a fantastic training cable for advanced jumpers looking for greater resistance and intensity in their training.

Fields of use

skipping, double-unders, criss-cross, boxing training

  • 13,5cm grips (total handle lenght including steel tip: 15cm)
  • handles with steel tips (equipped with ABEC-7 bearings for smooth swing)
  • ergonomic handle shape that comes pre-wrapped in grip tape
  • 4mm diameter steel wire with transparent red coating
  • steel wire length: 3m
  • steel wire weight: 85g
  • adjustable lenght (tightening w/screw)
  • incredibly smooth turning
  • each comes with transport bag (prevents wire tangling)
  • HD speed rope weight: 163g

! necessarily cut off wire surplus for better swing

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  • Tootja: Thorn+Fit
  • Mudel: HD SPEED ROPE
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 20.16€

  • Maksudeta: 16.53€