Stalo futbolo stalas Roberto Sport Professional Training
New Free Play model that has the same colours and efficiency of the competition model.
Train yourself on a professional table and have your house decorated with an attractive and modern colours piece. Indoor use.
  • Mono-block table structure that guarantees an absolute stability and reliability during the game. Made of poplar multilayer covered by MDF to obtain an extremely solid and heavy material. Used also for the professional competition tables since it resists on the stress due to the high technical performance and side shots.
  • Goal slits are situated at the two sides for the ball recovery
  • Playfield is made of satined glass that is anti-glare and allows a good control over the ball.
  • An extruded anodized aluminium top forms a protective barrier from water infiltrations preserving the table from humidity and sunlight
  • The extruded anodized aluminium top, painted in white colour, is unalterable over time, and forms a protective barrier from water infiltrations preserving the table from humidity and sunlight.
  • Metal round feet, diam. 80, painted with epoxy powder and has adjustable feet. Reinforced by a crossbar for perfect stability on floor.
  • Rubber latex handles that allow a good grip with hand guard and reduce the sweating of the hands.
  • Telescopic rods, diam. 18 mm, tempered steel with high carbon content which increases the resistance by 20%, treated with double chrome plating to prevent rust formation.
  • Renovated bushes in shape and printed with high-strength plastic material with a fibreglass slide completely new concept for self-lubricating material that enables an exceptional game speed with minimal effort
  • Supplied by 10 balls and 1 lubricant spray for rods

111 x 70 cm


134 x 110 x 90 cm


138 x 80 x 25 cm


52.30 Kg

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