Work-out Raam TWMO21 RIG

The RIG construction is more and more often an indispensable element of equipment not only for Crossfit Boxes but also for every gym. Despite its apparent simplicity, the design allows you to adapt its structure
to the needs of each user.

Rig & RACK constructions are characterized by dense perforation on vertical pillars, which is used to attach an additional equipment. An important element of each structure is also a horizontal bar system, used for
a number of gymnastic exercises and / or to connect gymnastic rings and CORE STS.


  • Construction made of 80x80 construction steel profiles
  • Dense hole mesh made by laser cutting technology
  • Ergonomic bars diameter, adapted to the grip
  • Triple protection of connecting elements
  • Possibility to personalize the structure
  • Paint coating made in powder coating technology
  • Dedicated structural paint coat on bars
  • Made in Poland

    The construction of TWMo1 RIG includes:

    • Wallmount frame construction
    • One pair of the Jhooks
    • DIP station
    • Two Storage Pins

              Width (measured from outer walls of vertical pillars): 120cm

              Depth: 115cm
              Height (without WBS Target): 265cm

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              Work-out Raam TWMO21 RIG

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